Bread and Circuses

Whoop whoop!

What an energizing face-to-face meeting we had! We were 8 members and 7 guests.

Michael was a lovely Toastmaster of the Evening, leaving lots of room for interpretation of the theme Bread and Circuses.

We had two thought-provoking speeches. Heartwired by Jasmin gave us an idea for how to foster belonging. Andreea’s speech I say nothing, but actually I say a lot gave us an insight on how we tell a lot about ourselves without using words.

Russell did an excellent job with preparing witty table topics by randomly combining different types of bread with circus artists. Great participation of members and guests. Nadine started, our first time guest Burcu was brave to follow and did a GREAT job, just like our recurring guest Eric. The capstone was reached, when our guest Johannes and Daniel L. did an impro together. FANTASTIC!!!

The planned speeches were evaluated by Susana and Daniel L. Felix was our Ah-Counter, Russell served as Grammarian and Susana took the time. Nadine evaluated the overall meeting.

Many thanks to all of you. Excellent job, everybody!


Meeting recap!

A huge thank you to everyone who participated on Zoom and made it a fun Awakening meeting! We were 6 members and 5 guests, including former Famous member Béa.

Nadine was the Toastmaster of the Evening and took us on a journey of HER awakening moment which ended up in an amazing speech on its own.

Daniel G. woke us up with an inspiring speech titled Punch in the face, followed by Russell’s thought-provoking speech on Mentoring. Table topics were led by Daniel G. where we had a great participation of members and guests.

Al was our General Evaluator. Jasmin gave feedback for Daniel‘s speech. Melatwork, a Toastmasters member from Ethiopia, jumped in to evaluate Russell‘s speech. Daniel L. served as Grammarian and Ah-Counter. Eric, who joined as a guest for the second time, was courageous and stepped up to be our timekeeper. Fantastic job, everyone!